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We provide personal and professional development coaching in the Indianapolis area.

 At Intelligent Solution, we embrace and deliver solution focused coaching. We move our clients   from a negative thought systems to a positive one. We challenge our clients to clarify what success and happiness truly means, and sponsor them towards the ownership of the belief system and skill-sets that will take you there. We are your partner in clarifying, planning, and attaining your goals. We are here to support you towards the ultimate goal of being the absolute best version of yourself. 

 A Life Fitness Program

Career advancement and transition, well-being & happiness, communicating our truth, cultivating and maintaining healthy relationships, our relationship with money (budgeting and moving towards a life with little or no debt), the art of giving and sharing our talents, and finding & maintaining our proper balance of it all.

 Services offered are:

  • Life Skill Coaching
  • Resume Building
  • Academic Progress and Writing
  • Business Development

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